Happy Birthday Riley and Zoey!

Last night we went to my cousins house to celebrate two very important birthdays.  Riley and Zoey just turned one year old!  The brother and sister are Husky – Lab mixes.

Last time Phineas saw them was at the dog park. There they got along just great. However tonight we would be in the house which had me a little nervous.

When we arrived at the house, Zoey and Riley came out to greet us and sniffing ensued. That went well, so we all headed inside.

Phineas was pretty nervous with the two larger dogs being so close and interested in him.  He let out a few snarls and would occasionally jump on a lap for safety or to give kisses.  Gradually the dogs were playing together with fewer timeouts. They even had a break for fresh-from- the-oven treats.

L to R : Riley, Phineas, Zoey enjoying some treats

Phineas shouldn’t have been hungry for his food this morning, that’s how many treats he had. If course he was hungry (at 5:30), but I digress.

After they were refueled it was time for more playing. Phineas was getting more comfortable and even showed us his belly. That is a rare event even at home.  At one point he was on his back flailing all four legs in Zoey and Riley’s face.



We had a great time and Phineas can’t wait to see his furry and human cousins again!