Am I a Mutt?


Yes, Phineas, you are a mutt. A pretty cool mutt. The cool  thing about mutts, or, like some rescues say, muttigrees is that you are a blend of different  traits and characteristics.

We had an idea of what breeds made you, well you. However, I was very curious and wanted to find out your family background.  To be honest, being asked everyday (usually  more than once) what breed you are gets very old. Fast.

I went to, my go-to online shopping destination, and entered ‘dog DNA’ in the search box. A page of items appeared and the kit that caught my eye was Wisdom Panel . At the time the 2.0 was the current version. Now there is Wisdom Panel 2.5.  I added the DNA kit  to my wish list since Christmas was around the corner. Just before Christmas I decided to take the plunge and placed the order.

Two days later, thanks to Prime, the kit arrived. The instructions were clear and the packaging was nice. Inside were 2 swabs, a sheet with barcode  stickers and instructions.  The box also had holes to place the swabs to dry. It seems easy, right? Time to give it a go. I was supposed to “gently roll” each swab on the inside of his cheek for 15 seconds. What really happened  was this. I put the swab in my very excited, 7 month old puppies mouth. I tried to “gently roll” the swab per the instructions but Phin had other plans. He thought it made for a great chew toy! (Sigh) I think each swab was in his mouth for 5 seconds since I feared he would chew off the end. I let each swab dry and then packaged everything up per the instructions.

That same night I went on the website and registered our kit and uploaded  Phins mugshot. They have a gallery of all the dogs who register. When their results are in their breed or breeds are listed. You can search up to 3 dog breeds at one time. It’s fun to see all the different mixes.

The next day I dropped off the kit at the post office and hoped for the best. In about 3 weeks I should get the results. In the meantime I was searching for possible breed mixes that resembled Phineas, non of which I found.  You can also login and check the status of your DNA results if you are feeling inpatient  or anxious about the quality of the cheek swabs like me.

About two and a half weeks later DING! I got mail!

Before I post the results I need to go back a bit. When I saw Phineas online the rescue thought he was a Jack Russell mix with possibly a French Bulldog. That I could see, but also thought he had some other terrier in him.

Well, as it turns out, Phineas is half American  Staffordshire, one quarter Toy Fox Terrier and one quarter Yorkshire Terrier. Interesting mix, huh? I often wonder if he was a mistake in the breeders eyes. Why was only he dumped and where are his litter mates? Those questions will never be answered.

Here are some of the pages from the report. 






Overall, I am happy with the results. It surely explains his love for small critters and other goofy habits he possesses. It’s also helpful to research possible health concerns for each of the breeds.

Now I can  go to the dog park and tell everyone what breeds Phineas is!