Not So Great News

I took Phineas to the vets today. Ugh.

 Just over a week ago he hurt his leg during a squirrel chase and he was still limping occasionally a week later. He didn’t even get the squirrel. 😦

In the reception area he got to bark at the resident kitty. That cat had enough and went to the back. Smart kitty haha!

In the exam room he was scared, but didn’t make a sound or do anything bad. The vet laid him on his side and first checked his knee. It turns out he pulled the tendon at the knee and his kneecap can slide out of place. Luxating patella they call it. The rest of his leg is ok, thank goodness!  After he was done he finally ate some treats and then begged for more. He was back to himself.

The docs orders are pain meds and 2 weeks of strict rest. Luckily for the both of us, I think his pain meds are making him more mellow than normal. Not crazy loopy, just chill. This helps tremendously! 

Phineas following docs orders…hopefully till 6 am or later

Phineas trying to rest. He was destroying his new penguin and would toss it around occasionally.

So, during the evening and overnight he is on a 4′ leash and when I’m gone he’s crated. If he gets a little stir crazy he’s crated for a little. He also has a new stash of rawhide, bully sticks and whimzee chews. Kongs and bones will be filled and frozen this weekend for his snacking pleasure. 
If all goes well his little knee will improve and we won’t have to think about surgery. We are crossing our fingers and toes!