Road Trip Pt 2

Sooooo, I was scrolling through the posts so far and realized I never finished writing about our road trip to NY state.  Oooops!  So, without further ado, here it is!

Every evening deer would walk through the meadow behind the house

If you need a refresher, here is a link to part 1.

When we last wrote, we arrived at our destination and most of the animals met.  Phineas and Scooter went for a walk so they could get better aquainted.  That worked really well and they were shortly playing together.  Phineas also played really well with Bitsy who was just a puppy.  Unfortunately Bitsy had puppy teeth and Phineas must have thin skin.  They were playing so nicely so I felt really bad when I had to seperate them.  Phineas had a few battle wounds that I had to tend to and some blood to cleanup in the dining area.  So glad I packed some neosporin to help with his boo-boo’s.

Phin resting after his playtime with Bitsy


It was a crowded house that weekend! My poor cousin let us use her room while she slept her parents closet.  At least she had more room than Harry Potter did in the cupboard under the stairs 😉   After setting up Phins travel crate that he will probably never like, it was time to get ready for graduation.  I shut the door and proceeded to get dressed for the evening. That is when Phineas met another member of the family. Chester. The cat.


Even though I closed the door, I obviously didn’t close it well.  Chester bopped the door open and strolled right in. This is when things got fun.  Chester goes right into Phins crate.  Great.  Never being round cats, Phin goes berserk. He needs to protect the crate that he hates, cause that just makes sense. I make sure I am covered up cause now Phin is chasing the cat and they zoom down the hall. Poor Chester meant no harm, but Phineas kept up with the barking and carrying on like the crazy dog he is. I soon herded him back to our room and created him with the help of some peanut butter.  All the humans then went to the graduation ceremony and then it was off to bed.

The next day.  We were the first ones up. Again, the house was full.  All the bedrooms, the office and of course the closet were full of people and animals. We tiptoed out to the kitchen so I could give Phin his breakfast. Big big big mistake.  Our buddy Chester came up to wish us a good morning. Phineas wasn’t recipercating the loving feeling. He feared Chester would steel his food when all he wanted to was say Good Morning.  Another cat and dog chase ensues, at 5:30 in the morning.  Once I got Phin under control we headed outside.  I really hope no one heard us.

After a while of trying to be quiet, I decided take Phineas to the dog park.  In Ithaca, Cass park is great place to go. Beside the dog park, there is a pool, ice rink, tennis courts, athletic fields and more.  Here is the Cass park webpage.  The dog park is all fenced and huge! First we went to the small dog side, but soon decided to follow another small dog to the big dog side.  Phin meant some spaniels and a Great Dane whom he loved.

Phineas and Henry his Great Dane buddy.


The cool thing is that if Phineas felt uncomfortable, I would just start walking and tell Phin to come and we could walk far far away from cluster of dogs.

Phineas trying to get a game started.


Phineas and this pup had a great time chasing each other!


After about an hour, we headed back to the house.  I believe we went back to the park 2 more times that weekend. I was hoping a tired Phineas would be nicer to the cats.

If you like hiking and the outdoors, Ithaca is the place to be. There are trails, gorges, lakes, and more. During our stay we went hiking twice.

All 3 dogs ready to hike!


Phins happy face after he discovered a snake.


Hiking on another trail that leads to the lake.
Phineas in Lake Cayuga.


So many steps!  Wasn’t bad going down. Phin had tons of energy to help pull me back up.

Phineas was loving it! He was a little explorer in the woods and water. He even found a snake. Yay! (Just kidding)

As the weekend progressed all the pups were getting used to each other or just too tired to care.  Phineas didn’t seem to bother the cats either. Yay!

Phin and Scooter chilling.


Phineas and Bitsy.


Soon it was time to go home. 😦 I love Ithaca, it’s gorges. 😉


Road Trip!

Part 1

A few weekends ago Phin and I fled our little town and headed north. Ithaca, NY was to be our home for the next 3 nights. We were invited up to see my cousin graduate from High School (which is hard for me to believe)

The night before we left, Phineas definitely knew something was going on as I was packing. Let me just say that I can’t believe all the stuff I packed for him; travel bowls, food, first aid kit, 2 towels, dog shampoo, travel crate, bedding, leashes, vet papers and probably more. Then I packed a little for me.

The next day we ended up sleeping in more than anticipated so we left later in the morning to beat weekday traffic around Philadelphia. Phin hopped in the back seat and was buckled in with his Kurgo swivel tether to keep him secure and out of my way while driving. If I had more time I would  have tried to make my own tether. I’m sure I could have saved some money. I am very happy with the Kurgo one so far. It is sturdy and does the job. Phineas settled in pretty quickly for the ride and we were off.


We drove towards Philly and then up the Northeast extension to NY state.  Surprisingly we only stopped once. Phineas was a great travel mate who slept most of the time. 🙂

A few hours later we arrived safe and sound. We were greeted by my cousins
new rescue dog, Scooter. She was pretty vocal  at first, but settled down after a walk with Phineas. Next he met Bitsy who was another relatives 3 month old puppy. Then the 2 cats Chip and Chester.

This is going to be a very interesting weekend!

Stay tuned for more!

How do you travel with your dog? Any tips?