Spring Tease

Hello friends!

So, here in PA, mother nature was teasing us this week. In the middle of February, we are walking with no jackets, hats or gloves. It was so nice just to sit in the sun and give my electric bill a little break.

Now it’s chilly, cloudy and rainy. Blah.

Can’t wait for spring! 🌷

What is your favorite season?


One year older…

Look who turned 3 last week! May the 4th to be somewhat exact. We don’t know his actual Birthday, but the 4th is when we celebrate it. 

We went to Petco for a bag of free treats and a new Darth Vader toy for him to destroy. He is a tried and true fighter for the Rebel Alliance! BOL 😂 He knows a bad guy when he sees ’em.

Me and my treats ands my new Darf Vader toy to destroy!

Here’s to many more Birthdays Phineas!🍻

Didn’t Catch the Easter Bunny

Hi everybody! I hope all my 2 legged and 4 legged friends had a nice Easter! 🐰 🐣 🐑 

Easter had its ups and downs for me this year. The ups was when the Easter Bunny left me a treat and 2 toys. Now I’m down to 1 new toy; RIP stuffed peep. The downer was when I, yet again, didn’t catch the Easter Bunny! He got away again! Sigh. I guess there’s always next year.

Did any of my friends get stuff from the Easter Bunny?

Dis is me with my new peep. Now it is dead 😦

Post Surgery Ups and Downs

Last week Phineas was doing so well. We were allowed to do 15 minute walks along with curbs and even dancing!  He even wanted to take a longer walk one night, but I had to say ” no, not yet Phineas.”

We ventured to the park a few times, even if it was just to discard his poop bag. The park was good since it has little hills to climb. 

Sniffing for something roll in.

Due to an unfortunate circumstance, his walks to the park will have to wait. We were almost home from a walk when a neighbor kid started to make barking sounds. Yes, I was a little annoyed. This got Phin a little excited. Even on a shortened leash he tried to do zoomies. The kid was still making noises even with his dad telling him to be quiet. So in about 15 seconds Phin went from fine to not putting any weight on his back right leg. The one that was fixed in surgery.

We ended up hopping home. I was upset with the kid and upset with me for not be able to keep him calm. He just wants to play, after all. Thankfully we could see the vet the following day and everything is in place. He just needs to take it easy for a few days. Just now he walked using all four legs which is a big improvement.

Our life will be pretty boring for 3 or 4 more days. Thats okay with me though. There is snow on the way which is a great excuse to stay in and snuggle.

I’m such a good snuggler; even when I hog the blankie.

Brrrr Brrrrrrr Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

It is too cold out there! I’m not out long these days cause I can’t go for walkies and zoomies. Thankfreakinggoodness! Momma makes me wear a sweater and puts goo on my paws. She’s threatening to get footwear for me, too. All this cause I hobbled on 2 paws since the other 2 were cold. Hope it’s not 6° F where you live! Brrrrrrr!

sweater on, ready to freeze my nuts off! Oh, wait….

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!🎉

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday! Did anyone else hear those loud booms and bangs?🎆 They woke me up! Mommas glad I wasn’t outside or I would have really freaked out!

Waiting to give Momma a kiss at midnight👅

Do you have a New Year rezolushun? Momma says she wants to exercise more and send more cards in the mail. Mine is to stop attacking people’s feet (sorry Auntie Susan. Guess I don’t like leopard print shoes) and try to be nice to everybody. Well, unless you are a robber. I’ll rip your feet off if you try to take my treats!
Here’s to a great 2017!

Not So Great News

I took Phineas to the vets today. Ugh.

 Just over a week ago he hurt his leg during a squirrel chase and he was still limping occasionally a week later. He didn’t even get the squirrel. 😦

In the reception area he got to bark at the resident kitty. That cat had enough and went to the back. Smart kitty haha!

In the exam room he was scared, but didn’t make a sound or do anything bad. The vet laid him on his side and first checked his knee. It turns out he pulled the tendon at the knee and his kneecap can slide out of place. Luxating patella they call it. The rest of his leg is ok, thank goodness!  After he was done he finally ate some treats and then begged for more. He was back to himself.

The docs orders are pain meds and 2 weeks of strict rest. Luckily for the both of us, I think his pain meds are making him more mellow than normal. Not crazy loopy, just chill. This helps tremendously! 

Phineas following docs orders…hopefully till 6 am or later

Phineas trying to rest. He was destroying his new penguin and would toss it around occasionally.

So, during the evening and overnight he is on a 4′ leash and when I’m gone he’s crated. If he gets a little stir crazy he’s crated for a little. He also has a new stash of rawhide, bully sticks and whimzee chews. Kongs and bones will be filled and frozen this weekend for his snacking pleasure. 
If all goes well his little knee will improve and we won’t have to think about surgery. We are crossing our fingers and toes!