Brrrr Brrrrrrr Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

It is too cold out there! I’m not out long these days cause I can’t go for walkies and zoomies. Thankfreakinggoodness! Momma makes me wear a sweater and puts goo on my paws. She’s threatening to get footwear for me, too. All this cause I hobbled on 2 paws since the other 2 were cold. Hope it’s not 6° F where you live! Brrrrrrr!

sweater on, ready to freeze my nuts off! Oh, wait….

Feeling Frisky! 

Fall is coming! Phin and I are so ready for Summer to be over! A week ago the heat index was over 100° F. This morning it was a nice 62°! YAY! It’s amazing how much more active we both are when we’re not baking in the sun.

Another perk, since we’ve been outside more, is how much we sleep and snuggle. I thoroughly enjoy it when Phin eats his breakfast and then hops in bed to sleep some more.

Cute lil me sleeping with Momma

For the past 2 months, he would want to play at 4 am. If I didn’t comply he would find other things, like door molding, to chew on. 😦 I finally started to give him time outs in his crate just to get another hour or 2 of sleep. Getting 5 or so hours of sleep got old. Fast. Here’s to hoping my lunchtime naps at work won’t be needed for awhile.
The best part about Fall? Getting to dress my dog in sweaters! I finally found a sweater that fits my chesty guy but isn’t too long. I’ve been stalking Pet Valu waiting for their new sweaters to arrive for Fall. They got them in and had the size and color we needed. No pink for my leg lifting guy!

I look pretty fab, right?

What’s your favorite part about the change in seasons?