Weekend Update 

It’s Weekend Update with your host Dennis no Kevin no Norm no Phineas! 

For our first story, Friyay afternoon at the downtown doggie day care saw fur flying as pups played ruff!  I was joined by my girls Daisy and Ellie for an afternoon of fun while Momma worked so she can afford my treats. 

Our next adventure lead us to the shopping center with my fav pet store. Even though they didn’t have what we needed, I still got a few treats before we left (meaning I begged and went behind the counter to show the newbie where they were. Shouldn’t that be on page 1 of the training manual?)

Later on, we heard reports of dogs being allowed to shop in Home Depot. We took our crew there to investagate. They gladly let us in and even though I didn’t like the cart (well duh, it’s new) I still got a treat and Momma got her paint.  2 paws up for the depot!

Meanwhile at home, I was tired of all this activity and went to bed.  

Saturday was the usual at the Phineas residense. Momma did a little baking and we played fetch. The weather conditions were excellent on the fetch field, but the spectator turnout was low. I had fun which is all that matters. 

Well, it’s time for this host to sign off for the evening. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow! 


Oh the Horror!

Yesterday was my annual check up. NEED I SAY MORE! 

Well I don’t need to say more, but I will. 

Just me waiting to see the WCL’s

First, the ladies with the white jackets act all lovey dovey, giving you kisses and treats. Well, my canine friends, that is all a cover; a big cover for what is about to come.
Next, even my Momma acts all sweet. I betcha she knew what was gonna happen, too. I never would have guessed she’d be in on it too. Unbelievable!

So we were waiting for a little. I was watching other dogs coming out and they seemed calm and cool. Finally, a nice white coated lady called my name. It was my turn. I eagerly followed her into the little room. There I met my biggest fear of the moment, the exam table. 

Momma and the white coated lady (WCL we’ll call her) wanted me to lay on the blue covered thing close to the floor. Oh heck no! You can smear it with peanut butter; I’m not going on that thing. So the WCL magically raised the table and my oh so loving Momma(I thought she loved me) plopped me down. This, my furry friends, is when things went down hill.

The WCL was petting me, gave me another treat, and the she pulled it out. What, you ask? The evil stick thing she has to see how warm I am. Guess where this thing goes? Not on my forehead, or in my ear. Not even under my little pitties. The WCL had the nerve to try to put the stick up my butt, poopy hole, dumper what ever you want to call it. Well, I squirmed and whined and I WON! No stick will see the inside of this dogs pooper!

The fun didn’t stop there. Next there were evil evil evil needles. Yes, 3 to be exact. The first one they poked in my leg to get my blood. Why oh why! I put up a fight, but they one that battle. Next was my 2 vaccines, one on each side of my back. I guess they weren’t too bad. While all this was going on, my Momma kept saying I was ok, to stay cool, and it’s almost over. Well, she’s not the one getting poked and prodded. I just wanted to clobber her.  

The last thing I got was a vaccine to drink. That was easy peasy, y’all. 

When all that torture was over, I got more treats and loves from the WCL and Momma. I gave kisses like crazy. I guess I’ll forgive them.

All and all, in guess the WCL’s aren’t that bad. I mean, it hurts and feels funny, but man, the treats! The yummy treats and loves!


4 am Playtime!!!!!

So. Momma thinks it’s too early to play. It’s only 4 am. She got 3 or 4 hours sleep and all she has to do tomorrow is work.  Doesn’t she know she should be ready to play 24/7?  She even threatened to send me to Florida to ride in a bike basket with doggles with my cousin Justin. That could be fun…insert sarcasm.

Play with me or else I will chew this house down!

UPDATE: it’s now 5 am and I’m being good, meaning I don’t want to play anymore.


Nooooooo! Not Monday again!

After a very, very, very lazy weekend (we’re talking major maps Saturday and Sunday) Monday has unfortunately reared it’s ugly head. 

Sure Mom, I’ll nap with you.

This morning this little stinker was full of energy! The temps and humidity were fairly low compared to last week which helps.  He wasn’t too reluctant to walk either.  I think walking was an issue due to the possibility of hearing fireworks(It’s that wonderful time of the year)  I also think misses seeing Layla and her Dad Sam 😦

After our walk I let him run zoom around the yard. He went for his favorite ball and was tossing it around.

Me and my foot-ball!
Please please throw the ball!

He was having so much fun it was hard to get him inside. Not even 2 treats could lure him in. However, hearing the familiar pop of his food bin being opened got him trucking inside. 

He enjoyed his little snack and then I was off to work. Happy Monday!  Ughhhhh.

How it all began…

Hi! My name is Allison. I’m Phins “hooman”. I thought I would give a little background today regarding how Phin and I came to be together.

It all started back in the fall of 2014.  I was in the mood to look at dogs available for adoption. That is when I saw Rosco.


Rosco is a Boston Terrier mix who is deaf. As a child, our family dog was deaf, so Rosco’s special need wasn’t totally new to me. My housing situation wasn’t totally ideal to me, though. I currently rent a small apartment and ideally wanted to own a house before I got a dog. Rosco was such a handsome guy though…so I caved in.

My first step was to ask my landlord for permission. They live next door and have young children so it was important to me to get their permission and then find the right dog. A text message was sent explaining the type and size of dog I would look for and also some things I would try to make sure he doesn’t do on or to the property. Then I waited…..just over a week. Of course a positive response was what I received. YAY! On to the next step!

I didn’t jump right into applying for Rosco. I double checked some costs of doggie ownership. I knew I needed a crate, food and some supplies to get started. I also checked some vet costs and also boarding and doggie daycare costs. Then the longer than expected application was emailed and my fingers were crossed. Let me just add that applying for a rescue dog is no easy task. I can understand where the rescues are coming from though. They want to make sure their animals get the very best furever home the first time.

So I waited for a week or so to hear back from Rosco’s rescue. Didn’t hear a thing so I sent an email. No response so I moved on. There are sooooooooo many dogs that need homes.

For those who are looking for a new furry friend, there are so many places to look online. I searched on petfinder.com, adoptapet.com, rescueme.org and also looked at 2 local shelters. I wish I could have adopted any size dog, but the weight limit was 30 pounds. I also wanted an easy to care for short haired dog. That limited my choices a bit. I’ve always liked Boston Terriers so they were looked at first.

I applied for a few more dogs…Karma, Nate, Jerry and Rillo.


There was also a little white dog that caught my eye. I wasn’t sure about him so I continued searching. After missing out on Jerry and Nate (I was approved but others applied before me) I thought about that little white dog. I looked for his profile, but couldn’t find it. I assumed he was adopted. A few days later I did find him listed again! This poor guy had a rough start in life.

This is how Phineas looked when he was rescued. He was about 5 weeks old.

Phineas was the cute little white puppy! He was dumped at a gas station with mange, fleas and sunburn. He hung out by the ice machine for 2 days. Finally a wonderful person took him to the vet and started him on the road to recovery! He was very appreciative, wagging his little tail and giving kisses.

These are the pictures Blackdogs Rescue had up when he was ready for adoption

After thinking about this little guy, I filled out his application and emailed it to Black Dogs Rescue. About a week or so later I got a response…he will be waiting for me at the next meet and greet event! YAY!

That day couldn’t come soon enough. When it did I was both excited and nervous. I hoped I would like him and he like me. After a 2 hour drive I would find out.

Luckily a friend come along that day. I was too nervous to deal with pictures, so I’m glad she took some.

Once we got to the meet and greet we patiently waited for him to emerge. There were 10 puppies being adopted that day so it was a slow process. Finally it was his turn to get out of the truck. He was so excited and wiggly! (I would be too after the long drive from Kentucky!) He licked me as we put on his harness and leash. I signed the papers, paid the fee and off to home we went!

And that, my friends, is how I rescued Phin. Or did he rescue me?

Phineas resting after a long adoption day 🙂

WOOF! WOOF! (Hi! My name is Phineas!)

Hello to everyone on the web ( whatever that is)  Are there spiders on this Web thing? Playing with spiders is fun!

My name is Phineas. You can call me Phin, Phinny, Buddy or Little Stinker. My hooman calls me that last one quite a bit sometimes.

My hooman and I will be letting you all know how we met and what kind of stuff I am up to.  I hope you enjoy it like I enjoy peanut butter and marrow bones. WOOF!CYMERA_20150503_172235