Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!🎉

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday! Did anyone else hear those loud booms and bangs?🎆 They woke me up! Mommas glad I wasn’t outside or I would have really freaked out!

Waiting to give Momma a kiss at midnight👅

Do you have a New Year rezolushun? Momma says she wants to exercise more and send more cards in the mail. Mine is to stop attacking people’s feet (sorry Auntie Susan. Guess I don’t like leopard print shoes) and try to be nice to everybody. Well, unless you are a robber. I’ll rip your feet off if you try to take my treats!
Here’s to a great 2017!

Not So Great News

I took Phineas to the vets today. Ugh.

 Just over a week ago he hurt his leg during a squirrel chase and he was still limping occasionally a week later. He didn’t even get the squirrel. 😦

In the reception area he got to bark at the resident kitty. That cat had enough and went to the back. Smart kitty haha!

In the exam room he was scared, but didn’t make a sound or do anything bad. The vet laid him on his side and first checked his knee. It turns out he pulled the tendon at the knee and his kneecap can slide out of place. Luxating patella they call it. The rest of his leg is ok, thank goodness!  After he was done he finally ate some treats and then begged for more. He was back to himself.

The docs orders are pain meds and 2 weeks of strict rest. Luckily for the both of us, I think his pain meds are making him more mellow than normal. Not crazy loopy, just chill. This helps tremendously! 

Phineas following docs orders…hopefully till 6 am or later

Phineas trying to rest. He was destroying his new penguin and would toss it around occasionally.

So, during the evening and overnight he is on a 4′ leash and when I’m gone he’s crated. If he gets a little stir crazy he’s crated for a little. He also has a new stash of rawhide, bully sticks and whimzee chews. Kongs and bones will be filled and frozen this weekend for his snacking pleasure. 
If all goes well his little knee will improve and we won’t have to think about surgery. We are crossing our fingers and toes!

My Momma is a Slacker 

Oh my golly! Momma hasn’t blogged in forever. To all my 2 legged and, more importantly, 4 legged furry friends I apologize for her lack of exciting stories and pictures of moi. I’m sure in that lil brain of hers she has something in the works and she hasn’t been ignoring your wants and needs. Surely she will get her act together before Christmas! 

Till then I’m signing off! Nighty-night!


Happy Adoptaversary!

On this day,  2 years ago, I met my dream man, well, dream dog. Phineas was so wiggly and happy I couldn’t say no to him.

We both have survived the past 2 years together with little fighting and arguments even though we had a little spat tonight. I wouldn’t let him chew on the rest of his bully stick and he let me know how unhappy he was with my decision 🙂

Phineas today on our walk to the park
Young Phineas in his way to his new home

Here’s to many more,  Phin! ♡♡♡

Sharing is Caring

So here is the latest from my Instagram account Phunphabphineas.  My Momma is lazy, so she takes a pic and shows the world my cuteness that way. I think she still wants to blog, it’s just that after she struggles to meet my requirements and needs, she has little time or energy for this blog.  I am, after all, her life. ♡P

phunphabphineasUnlike ET, it’s my ears that glow. Like ET, I enjoy reece’s pieces. #amstafftorkie #dogsofinstagram#muttsofinstagram#rescuedogsofinstagram#blackdogs_rescue #staffy #staffymix #ET#glowingears #glowing #headtilt #endbsl#endyulin


phunphabphineasMe and my 99.5 years young Great Grandma, Baby! I don’t know why we call her Baby. She’s just a smidge large for a baby.
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phunphabphineasGood night my furry friends. Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. #amstafftorkie #dogsofinstagram#muttsofinstagram#rescuedogsofinstagram#black_dogsrescue #staffymix #staffy#sleepydog_feature #sleepydog#sleepypuppy #illjustsleephere
phunphabphineasPatiently waiting for more cyclist to chase.#amstafftorkie #dogsofinstagram#muttsofinstagram#rescuedogsofinstagram#black_dogsrescue #staffymix #staffy#adoptdontshop #endbsl #biketrails#railtotrail #susquehannariver #hikepa#optoutside #getoutside
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Weekend Update 

It’s Weekend Update with your host Dennis no Kevin no Norm no Phineas! 

For our first story, Friyay afternoon at the downtown doggie day care saw fur flying as pups played ruff!  I was joined by my girls Daisy and Ellie for an afternoon of fun while Momma worked so she can afford my treats. 

Our next adventure lead us to the shopping center with my fav pet store. Even though they didn’t have what we needed, I still got a few treats before we left (meaning I begged and went behind the counter to show the newbie where they were. Shouldn’t that be on page 1 of the training manual?)

Later on, we heard reports of dogs being allowed to shop in Home Depot. We took our crew there to investagate. They gladly let us in and even though I didn’t like the cart (well duh, it’s new) I still got a treat and Momma got her paint.  2 paws up for the depot!

Meanwhile at home, I was tired of all this activity and went to bed.  

Saturday was the usual at the Phineas residense. Momma did a little baking and we played fetch. The weather conditions were excellent on the fetch field, but the spectator turnout was low. I had fun which is all that matters. 

Well, it’s time for this host to sign off for the evening. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow!