One year older…

Look who turned 3 last week! May the 4th to be somewhat exact. We don’t know his actual Birthday, but the 4th is when we celebrate it. 

We went to Petco for a bag of free treats and a new Darth Vader toy for him to destroy. He is a tried and true fighter for the Rebel Alliance! BOL 😂 He knows a bad guy when he sees ’em.

Me and my treats ands my new Darf Vader toy to destroy!

Here’s to many more Birthdays Phineas!🍻


Didn’t Catch the Easter Bunny

Hi everybody! I hope all my 2 legged and 4 legged friends had a nice Easter! 🐰 🐣 🐑 

Easter had its ups and downs for me this year. The ups was when the Easter Bunny left me a treat and 2 toys. Now I’m down to 1 new toy; RIP stuffed peep. The downer was when I, yet again, didn’t catch the Easter Bunny! He got away again! Sigh. I guess there’s always next year.

Did any of my friends get stuff from the Easter Bunny?

Dis is me with my new peep. Now it is dead 😦

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everybody!🎉

Hope everyone had a fun and safe holiday! Did anyone else hear those loud booms and bangs?🎆 They woke me up! Mommas glad I wasn’t outside or I would have really freaked out!

Waiting to give Momma a kiss at midnight👅

Do you have a New Year rezolushun? Momma says she wants to exercise more and send more cards in the mail. Mine is to stop attacking people’s feet (sorry Auntie Susan. Guess I don’t like leopard print shoes) and try to be nice to everybody. Well, unless you are a robber. I’ll rip your feet off if you try to take my treats!
Here’s to a great 2017!


It’s a little late, but we hope everyone had a great Easter! We spent the afternoon at my Grandmother’s house, filled our bellies with tasty food and Phin played with some new toys from the Easter Bunny!

On Easter morning I found these in the yard. They are from the Easter Bunny!

Naughty or Nice

Phineas was able to visit with Santa this past Sunday. After tearing down the lights at the Humane League of Lancaster, I plopped him on Santa’s lap and hoped for the best. Well, below is the outcome.


So, what do you think, naughty or nice?

Big thanks to Tanya Hopkins Pet Photography for the great photos!

Preparing for Christmas

After a little shopping on Black Friday afternoon, I was in the mood to put up the Christmas tree. After a few encounters with outside decorations, Phineas wasn’t quite sure what to think of flashing lights and inflatable decorations like Yoda and Darth Vader. After seeing his reaction I was a little hesitant. Ya see, all the Christmas ornaments are glass (and they will remain glass no matter what my dog does) and this is Phins second Christmas but first with a full size tree.  Well, the tree went up. I won’t let my handsome little guy get in my way.  The only way he will get used to the tree is to put it up!

So, the faux tree is up. A slim 7-1/2′ tree from amazon (where else!) No major reaction from the dog, so I continue on to the next step, lights.  Phineas was curious and sniffed the lights on the floor. That was all.

On to the next step, ornaments. During this step his interest peaked a little. Almost all the ornaments are wrapped in tissue paper.  He got off the couch and would try to sneak a piece of tissue paper out of the box in hopes of shredding it to bits and bits and bits. When I hung ornaments at his level he gave them a little sniff. That was all. On to the next step, garland.

The garland I used this year is the beaded type.  He checked it out, really could have cared less. Not as fun as tissue paper I  suppose. Back on the couch he went for a little nap. Next step was the tree topper which he wasn’t enthused about. The next step however is a different story. The tree skirt.

I pulled out my cheap but loved tree skirt purchased at Walmart over 10 years ago. I had a feeling this would be interesting. I placed it around the tree and did NOT fasten it in the back. Here is why. About 1 minute later Phineas is sniffing the skirt. Next he paws at it. Then he discovered a velcro tab to chew on. Soon enough he is pulling the skirt out from under the tree(why I didn’t fasten the skirt in the back) probably getting ready to shake it or make a nest to nap in. 


All of this I was expecting with the tree skirt.  Soon I should have a present or two under the tree to deter him (hopefully). Till then l’ll be saying “leave it” alot! I am very thankful that the tree skirt is all he is interested in playing with! It could be a lot worse, especially if he had a long tail. Many ornament are knocked off and even broken with every swish of a dogs tail. 

What stories do you have involving a Christmas tree and your furry friend?