Brrrr Brrrrrrr Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

It is too cold out there! I’m not out long these days cause I can’t go for walkies and zoomies. Thankfreakinggoodness! Momma makes me wear a sweater and puts goo on my paws. She’s threatening to get footwear for me, too. All this cause I hobbled on 2 paws since the other 2 were cold. Hope it’s not 6° F where you live! Brrrrrrr!

sweater on, ready to freeze my nuts off! Oh, wait….

Feeling Frisky! 

Fall is coming! Phin and I are so ready for Summer to be over! A week ago the heat index was over 100° F. This morning it was a nice 62°! YAY! It’s amazing how much more active we both are when we’re not baking in the sun.

Another perk, since we’ve been outside more, is how much we sleep and snuggle. I thoroughly enjoy it when Phin eats his breakfast and then hops in bed to sleep some more.

Cute lil me sleeping with Momma

For the past 2 months, he would want to play at 4 am. If I didn’t comply he would find other things, like door molding, to chew on. 😦 I finally started to give him time outs in his crate just to get another hour or 2 of sleep. Getting 5 or so hours of sleep got old. Fast. Here’s to hoping my lunchtime naps at work won’t be needed for awhile.
The best part about Fall? Getting to dress my dog in sweaters! I finally found a sweater that fits my chesty guy but isn’t too long. I’ve been stalking Pet Valu waiting for their new sweaters to arrive for Fall. They got them in and had the size and color we needed. No pink for my leg lifting guy!

I look pretty fab, right?

What’s your favorite part about the change in seasons?

Nooooooo! Not Monday again!

After a very, very, very lazy weekend (we’re talking major maps Saturday and Sunday) Monday has unfortunately reared it’s ugly head. 

Sure Mom, I’ll nap with you.

This morning this little stinker was full of energy! The temps and humidity were fairly low compared to last week which helps.  He wasn’t too reluctant to walk either.  I think walking was an issue due to the possibility of hearing fireworks(It’s that wonderful time of the year)  I also think misses seeing Layla and her Dad Sam 😦

After our walk I let him run zoom around the yard. He went for his favorite ball and was tossing it around.

Me and my foot-ball!
Please please throw the ball!

He was having so much fun it was hard to get him inside. Not even 2 treats could lure him in. However, hearing the familiar pop of his food bin being opened got him trucking inside. 

He enjoyed his little snack and then I was off to work. Happy Monday!  Ughhhhh.

Baby It’s Cold Outside

Brrrr. Today is a dog shirt and sweater day. Yes, 2 layers.  Phineas hates the wind and where we are it feels like 0° F. Again brrrrrrrrrrr.

Since Phin knew it was a yucky day, he lounged under the covers till 10:30.  I’ll admit I did too. So I was a little productive, I checked my emails at work. Then went back to snuggling.

When he got up I figured it was time to take him out before he got too antsy.  I’m sure glad I did. By the time I put on warmer clothes and got him dressed in his shirt and sweater , I’ll betcha dog biscuits 10 minutes went by.

We went out for a short walk. We didn’t see anyone else outside. Shocker!  We did, however, hear the bark from Phins gal pal, Layla. He sat by her driveway hoping she would come out to say hi. She didn’t, so we moved along.

We went home and I let Phineas run around the yard. We just got back to doing this since the snow piles along the fence have diminished. He had a good time playing with a stick he found.

Look Ma! A stick!
Here you can see my shirt and my sweater!
I shall pounce on you Mr. Stick!

After a few minutes he was standing funny, occasionally lifting a paw. His little paws were getting cold so he was ready to come inside. I took off his sweater, but left his very cool shirt on.

One of my fav shirts! WOOF!

He promptly sat on the sofa. I think he likes that spot for the view and for the heater below. Who can blame him.

What does your pup wear when it’s frigid out? Let us know!

Oh the Weather Outside…

Is very frightful! Snow and wind all day.  What is a dog to do? Sleep.

He is curled up on the couch checking out the inside of his eyelids.

Even first thing this morning the snow was too high for him to really enjoy it. When we did venture out for business, he did his job and then booked it back to the house.

phin in snow 2016
Phin booking it back to the house.  He looks like a big rabbit!

Do you get snow? Does your dog love playing in the snow or just looking at it?


Working for His Dinner

Today we had a wee little bit o snow.  Phin wasn’t really excited about white stuff so after a very brief walk we headed inside to warm up.

When it stopped snowing we geared up again and headed out.  After Phineas watered(I felt I had to clarify that detail) the sign post across the street, I changed out his regular leash for the 30′ lead we have. I brought along some kibble and his Chuckit!.  For those not sure what that is, here is a link.  It comes in different sizes. The longer the handle,  the farther the ball will go. It saves your arm from actually throwing balls the old fashioned way.  We’ve been trying to play fetch once a day and also throw in some training…mainly sit, come and place.  Phineas is a terrier mix so it is a tad tricky to keep him focused even with treats. 

Each day he gets a little better…sort of.  It is so cute to have him sit and then I walk away maybe 100′ or so. When I give him the command to come he hauls his little butt so fast and plops down by my side. I’m sure it’s because he loves me. Welllllll, maybe it’s for the treats.

Today he wasn’t really into fetch.  It is kinda chilly out so I can’t blame him.  On the way home I accidentally dropped the Chuckit.  To my surprise Phineas picked it up and carried it partway home! There’s one more thing we should work on, having him carry his toys to and fro.


Does your pup work and tote his toys outside or to the park? Is there snow where you live?  Fill us in!

Tailwaggers Trot!

This past weekend we traveled west to Lancaster for the Humane Leagues annual Tailwaggers Trot. There we met our human friend and her little dog.

We found the registration table, Phin jumped up on it (SMH), and then we gave them our name. The next important step was to sniff as many dog butts as possible and look for treats. This was all Phins doing, of course.

The time to start walking and rolling was approaching and soon enough hundreds of dogs and humans filled the side walk and off we went. The TWT goes around a large block and then ends in the park with food, music and vendors. We picked up some doggie snacks by Petes Treats and called it a day. Some dogs resumed playing at Beaus Dream Park. I’m sure those owners had exhausted pups at the end of the day. Smart owners!

Phineas and his buddy walking

Overall it was a nice event for a great cause. I’m sure we will do it again!