The New Bed -Part 1 (and more)

Oh, has it been awhile since I put finger to cellphone screen. Actually, I have no idea when I started this blog post and what I intended for it. Sorry if it’s a little out of sorts.

Phineas is almost recovered from his surgery in the winter and some tendonitis from getting to excited about 4 weeks after his surgery. He’s walking a ton more, which is good for both of us. He’s actually wanting to walk on streets he’s never been before. He’s not totally macho, though. The other day we heard some loud bangs inside our apartment. About an hour later I had to go and the little stinker would not budge from the walk-way near our door. I had to pick him up and carry him across the street to go potty. 

Are the loud boomies over Momma? I’s don’t have to go pee. I’s will hold it.

 We also went to the river in an attempt to get him used to water.  It was was a chilly day, but since he’s part retreiver (not really) he would fetch his ball after in threw it. He wasn’t thrilled to go in too deep, but again it was a cloudy and cool day. We hope to go again when it’s warmer out. My hope is to see if he will swim. 

Our latest aquisition is a new dog bed. Its MollyMutt cover with a bolster pillow and a mesh stuff sack. What you do is stuff the stuff sack with old clothing, pillows, blankets etc.  Pretty much anything soft. Using your old clothing and bedding is nice for your pup since it has your scent on it. I was hoping he wouldn’t destroy which he hasn’t. On he downside, he hasn’t laid on the bed either. He fancies the couch more. Hopefully if we move to a bigger place he will start to use it. We’ll have to wait and see.

Me sleeping next to what looks like a comfy dog bed

Phineas just had his left knee fixed(though the little turd wanted to try to jump up on the couch tonight. I will be fully blocking furniture from now on.) I will try to blog about his surgery later this week. 

Have a good week everybody!


Making Momma Proud!

Hello friends! I’s is still recooperating from my surgery and tendonitis. After walkies tonight, I’s was playing with toys and I’s wanted to go up on the couch. For the first time, I’s used the ramp without bribery treats! I’ve been scared of it since Momma set it up. Hopefully my fear of it is behind me.

Here’s a picture of me trying to buy all the cheeseburgers at the park tonight. I’s didn’t have enough moneys though ūüė¶ 

Scuse me, may I please have all your cheeseburgers?

Surgery Time!

It’s been a little over a week since Phineas had MPL surgery. It’s been crazier than I thought so I apologize for not blogging sooner.

A little history for everybody; Phineas was chasing a squirrel,  hit a little patch of mud and hurt his right knee. He took it easy for about a week but still wouldn’t always use his right leg. That’s when I decided to take him to see the vet. His favorite thing. 

My first visit to see Dr F about my leg. She was nice. I got treats.

So we saw our regular  vet and the verdict was that he has patellar luxation in the right leg; otherwise known as a knee cap that slides out of place. The doctor’s orders was two weeks of bed rest and some painkillers.
So the two weeks went by and he was acting better but would still lift his right leg up as if he was in pain. The next step was to consider surgery. Being that Phineas is young and active I really wanted to fix it as long as he would be able to have a semi-normal active life. We ended up consulting  with an orthopedic doctor not too far away and ultimately chose her to perform the surgery. 

Just waiting to see Dr J. Hope I get treats!

So like I said, he had his surgery of just over a week ago and he’s doing pretty good. Unfortunately for him he is stuck with a cone most of the time till his incision heals. He’s also not supposed to run or jump up. For the first week or so this was okay because he was pretty mellow. Starting yesterday,however, he is feeling back to normal which means he wants to play,  run and jump. The bad news is these restrictions are for 8 weeks. The good news is we have 6 weeks and 5 days to go!

Home after my surgery and sleep over. It was nice there. They fed me chicken.

Momma took me back to the vets for a bigger cone. I figured out how to lick my incision with my cone on. I’ve got skills.

We also have exercises to do two to three times a day along with trying to ice his leg after said exercises. This is the trickiest part of this whole ordeal; trying to get my dog to relax so I can stretch out and bends his leg. Even worse, trying to have him stay still while I put a little ice pack on his leg. Ugh. 

Momma tries to bribe me with new toys so I’ll lay still for exercises. That’s not happening but thanks for the toys.

For Phineas there are some highlights to the surgery. First, he got some new toys to destroy!  Second, on our way home from the vet we stopped at Starbucks and Phineas had his first puppuccino!

Oh my dog! Thank you awesome hooman for making this for me!

Anyone out there have to take care of their puppers as they recover from a surgery? Any tips on keeping your dog calm and chill? 

Oh yeah, forgot to mention he should have his other knee fixed too! Oh joy.  

Have a great weekend!

Stuff is Breaking!

So the past week has been a little trickier than normal. After having an idiotic falk in the bathroom I found out I broke my wrist. 

Broken radius aka the bone on the right. Ugh.

No worries, 6 weeks in a cast and nurse Phineas making sure I don’t over do it.

Phineas’ big butt making sure I don’t over do it. Thanks bud!

For those who never broke a bone, I recommend to never ever do! Everything takes twice as long to do and the simplest tasks cause a little to alot of pain. It’s been a week, so the pain level is reduced. Trying fo get stuff done is still very frustrating. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

Our latest adventure was visiting my 99-3/4 old grandma, my cousin and her little guy. 

We spent most of the day at the house; in the living room to be precise. The little dude loves dogs, so Phineas was present as well. Phineas had his leash on so I could try to control him a little better. Not surprisingly, his new little human friend loved the leash too. At one point they both were down the hall. Next thing you know, they are zooming down the hall with Phineas in the lead and his buddy hanging on to the leash. 🙈 We tried to slow them down and have the youngin’ drop the leash. Well, that didn’t happen. Phineas ended up going around the coffee table and BAM! the leash knocked of a large, breakable, hopefully not a cherished family heirloom off the table. Of course it broke, but no one was hurt. 

So, lately I’m wondering what is next…

On a high note, Phin was exhausted and slept the whole night through.

Sleepy Phineas 💤💤💤💤

Sad Day

I’ve been away for a few days and found out that Phins girl friend was put to sleep on Friday.  She suddenly was showing symptoms on Wednesday and her xray results showed she had a mass in her abdomen. It was large enough that it pushed on her other organs and was causing her to vomit and have accidents.

It’s sad because just last week she was acting like a young pup trying to chase squirrels and play with Phin. She was about 12 years old young.


RIP Layla ūüė¶

Road Trip Pt 2

Sooooo, I was scrolling through the posts so far and realized I never finished writing about our road trip to NY state.  Oooops!  So, without further ado, here it is!

Every evening deer would walk through the meadow behind the house

If you need a refresher, here is a link to part 1.

When we last wrote, we arrived at our destination and most of the animals met. ¬†Phineas and Scooter went for a walk so they could get better aquainted. ¬†That worked really well and they were shortly playing together. ¬†Phineas also played really well with Bitsy who was just a puppy. ¬†Unfortunately Bitsy had puppy teeth and Phineas must have thin skin. ¬†They were playing so nicely so I felt really bad when I had to seperate them. ¬†Phineas had a few battle wounds that I had to tend to and some blood to cleanup in the dining area. ¬†So glad I packed some neosporin to help with his boo-boo’s.

Phin resting after his playtime with Bitsy


It was a crowded house that weekend! My poor cousin let us use her room while she slept her parents closet. ¬†At least she had more room than Harry Potter did in the cupboard under the stairs ūüėČ ¬† After setting up Phins travel crate that he will probably never like, it was time to get ready for graduation. ¬†I shut the door and proceeded to get dressed for the evening. That is when Phineas met another member of the family. Chester. The cat.


Even though I closed the door, I obviously didn’t close it well. ¬†Chester bopped the door open and strolled right in. This is when things got fun. ¬†Chester goes right¬†into Phins crate. ¬†Great. ¬†Never being round cats, Phin goes berserk. He needs to protect the crate that he hates, cause that just makes sense. I make sure I am covered up cause now Phin is chasing the cat and they zoom down the hall. Poor Chester meant no harm, but Phineas kept up with the barking and carrying on like the crazy dog he is. I soon herded him back to our room and created him with the help of some peanut butter. ¬†All the humans then went to the graduation ceremony and then it was off to bed.

The next day. ¬†We were the first ones up. Again, the house was full. ¬†All the bedrooms, the office and of course the closet were full of people and animals. We tiptoed out to the kitchen so I could give Phin his breakfast. Big big big mistake. ¬†Our buddy Chester came up to wish us a good morning. Phineas wasn’t recipercating the loving feeling. He feared Chester would steel his food when all he wanted to was say Good Morning. ¬†Another cat and dog chase ensues, at 5:30 in the morning. ¬†Once I got Phin under control we headed outside. ¬†I really hope no one heard us.

After a while of trying to be quiet, I decided take Phineas to the dog park.  In Ithaca, Cass park is great place to go. Beside the dog park, there is a pool, ice rink, tennis courts, athletic fields and more.  Here is the Cass park webpage.  The dog park is all fenced and huge! First we went to the small dog side, but soon decided to follow another small dog to the big dog side.  Phin meant some spaniels and a Great Dane whom he loved.

Phineas and Henry his Great Dane buddy.


The cool thing is that if Phineas felt uncomfortable, I would just start walking and tell Phin to come and we could walk far far away from cluster of dogs.

Phineas trying to get a game started.


Phineas and this pup had a great time chasing each other!


After about an hour, we headed back to the house.  I believe we went back to the park 2 more times that weekend. I was hoping a tired Phineas would be nicer to the cats.

If you like hiking and the outdoors, Ithaca is the place to be. There are trails, gorges, lakes, and more. During our stay we went hiking twice.

All 3 dogs ready to hike!


Phins happy face after he discovered a snake.


Hiking on another trail that leads to the lake.
Phineas in Lake Cayuga.


So¬†many steps!¬† Wasn’t bad going down. Phin had tons of energy to help pull me back up.

Phineas was loving it! He was a little explorer in the woods and water. He even found a snake. Yay! (Just kidding)

As the weekend progressed all the pups were getting used to each other or just too tired to care. ¬†Phineas didn’t seem to bother the cats either. Yay!

Phin and Scooter chilling.


Phineas and Bitsy.


Soon it was time to go home. ūüė¶ I love Ithaca, it’s gorges. ūüėČ

Happy Birthday Riley and Zoey!

Last night we went to my cousins house to celebrate two very important birthdays.  Riley and Zoey just turned one year old!  The brother and sister are Husky РLab mixes.

Last time Phineas saw them was at the dog park. There they got along just great. However tonight we would be in the house which had me a little nervous.

When we arrived at the house, Zoey and Riley came out to greet us and sniffing ensued. That went well, so we all headed inside.

Phineas was pretty nervous with the two larger dogs being so close and interested in him.  He let out a few snarls and would occasionally jump on a lap for safety or to give kisses.  Gradually the dogs were playing together with fewer timeouts. They even had a break for fresh-from- the-oven treats.

L to R : Riley, Phineas, Zoey enjoying some treats

Phineas shouldn’t have been hungry for his food this morning, that’s how many treats he had. If course he was hungry (at 5:30), but I digress.

After they were refueled it was time for more playing. Phineas was getting more comfortable and even showed us his belly. That is a rare event even at home.¬† At one point he was on his back flailing all four legs in Zoey and Riley’s face.



We had a great time and Phineas can’t wait to see his furry and human cousins again!