The New Bed -Part 1 (and more)

Oh, has it been awhile since I put finger to cellphone screen. Actually, I have no idea when I started this blog post and what I intended for it. Sorry if it’s a little out of sorts.

Phineas is almost recovered from his surgery in the winter and some tendonitis from getting to excited about 4 weeks after his surgery. He’s walking a ton more, which is good for both of us. He’s actually wanting to walk on streets he’s never been before. He’s not totally macho, though. The other day we heard some loud bangs inside our apartment. About an hour later I had to go and the little stinker would not budge from the walk-way near our door. I had to pick him up and carry him across the street to go potty. 

Are the loud boomies over Momma? I’s don’t have to go pee. I’s will hold it.

 We also went to the river in an attempt to get him used to water.  It was was a chilly day, but since he’s part retreiver (not really) he would fetch his ball after in threw it. He wasn’t thrilled to go in too deep, but again it was a cloudy and cool day. We hope to go again when it’s warmer out. My hope is to see if he will swim. 

Our latest aquisition is a new dog bed. Its MollyMutt cover with a bolster pillow and a mesh stuff sack. What you do is stuff the stuff sack with old clothing, pillows, blankets etc.  Pretty much anything soft. Using your old clothing and bedding is nice for your pup since it has your scent on it. I was hoping he wouldn’t destroy which he hasn’t. On he downside, he hasn’t laid on the bed either. He fancies the couch more. Hopefully if we move to a bigger place he will start to use it. We’ll have to wait and see.

Me sleeping next to what looks like a comfy dog bed

Phineas just had his left knee fixed(though the little turd wanted to try to jump up on the couch tonight. I will be fully blocking furniture from now on.) I will try to blog about his surgery later this week. 

Have a good week everybody!


BarkBox Number 3

Hi all! This post is way pass due. Phin received another BarkBox way, way, waayyyyyyyyyy back in April. This one was a baseball theme.

phin barkbox 2
I really like getting boxes in the mail. I think every box should be for me.

Phin: So, Momma lets me try to open the box all by myself. I don’t feel right tearing it open, so she helps me a little.

phin barkbox 2 1
Here I am sniffing around for the bestest thing in the box.

Phin: Looks like I found it!

barkbox 2 4
this chew treat was da bomb!

Phin: Then I kept sniffing and found more goodies and toys! Yay me!

barkbox 2 3
oh my, I’m starting to drool!

Phin: Here is a picture of me with all my loot!

bark box 2 5
I am one lucky pup!

This BarkBox had baseball related items…the baseball hat, foam finger and even the cheese treats were shaped like baseballs!  There was a baseball card prop that you could hold up and try to get your pups face in the cutout. It was a cute idea, but Phineas didn’t like me holding it near his face.

I think I look good in a uniform!



Of course a BarkBox wouldn’t be complete without some artwork on the box!

barkbox 2 6
oh my, I never forget what I’m barking at. specially squirrels! WOOF!

So, I think this BarkBox is a home run! Phin liked most of the treats and toys, even though the toys were destroyed in a few days.  Both he and I are #1 fans of BarkBox.

barkbox 2 7
That’s me, BarkBox, your #1 fan. RUFF!