Surgery Time!

It’s been a little over a week since Phineas had MPL surgery. It’s been crazier than I thought so I apologize for not blogging sooner.

A little history for everybody; Phineas was chasing a squirrel,  hit a little patch of mud and hurt his right knee. He took it easy for about a week but still wouldn’t always use his right leg. That’s when I decided to take him to see the vet. His favorite thing. 

My first visit to see Dr F about my leg. She was nice. I got treats.

So we saw our regular  vet and the verdict was that he has patellar luxation in the right leg; otherwise known as a knee cap that slides out of place. The doctor’s orders was two weeks of bed rest and some painkillers.
So the two weeks went by and he was acting better but would still lift his right leg up as if he was in pain. The next step was to consider surgery. Being that Phineas is young and active I really wanted to fix it as long as he would be able to have a semi-normal active life. We ended up consulting  with an orthopedic doctor not too far away and ultimately chose her to perform the surgery. 

Just waiting to see Dr J. Hope I get treats!

So like I said, he had his surgery of just over a week ago and he’s doing pretty good. Unfortunately for him he is stuck with a cone most of the time till his incision heals. He’s also not supposed to run or jump up. For the first week or so this was okay because he was pretty mellow. Starting yesterday,however, he is feeling back to normal which means he wants to play,  run and jump. The bad news is these restrictions are for 8 weeks. The good news is we have 6 weeks and 5 days to go!

Home after my surgery and sleep over. It was nice there. They fed me chicken.

Momma took me back to the vets for a bigger cone. I figured out how to lick my incision with my cone on. I’ve got skills.

We also have exercises to do two to three times a day along with trying to ice his leg after said exercises. This is the trickiest part of this whole ordeal; trying to get my dog to relax so I can stretch out and bends his leg. Even worse, trying to have him stay still while I put a little ice pack on his leg. Ugh. 

Momma tries to bribe me with new toys so I’ll lay still for exercises. That’s not happening but thanks for the toys.

For Phineas there are some highlights to the surgery. First, he got some new toys to destroy!  Second, on our way home from the vet we stopped at Starbucks and Phineas had his first puppuccino!

Oh my dog! Thank you awesome hooman for making this for me!

Anyone out there have to take care of their puppers as they recover from a surgery? Any tips on keeping your dog calm and chill? 

Oh yeah, forgot to mention he should have his other knee fixed too! Oh joy.  

Have a great weekend!


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