Weekend Update 

It’s Weekend Update with your host Dennis no Kevin no Norm no Phineas! 

For our first story, Friyay afternoon at the downtown doggie day care saw fur flying as pups played ruff!  I was joined by my girls Daisy and Ellie for an afternoon of fun while Momma worked so she can afford my treats. 

Our next adventure lead us to the shopping center with my fav pet store. Even though they didn’t have what we needed, I still got a few treats before we left (meaning I begged and went behind the counter to show the newbie where they were. Shouldn’t that be on page 1 of the training manual?)

Later on, we heard reports of dogs being allowed to shop in Home Depot. We took our crew there to investagate. They gladly let us in and even though I didn’t like the cart (well duh, it’s new) I still got a treat and Momma got her paint.  2 paws up for the depot!

Meanwhile at home, I was tired of all this activity and went to bed.  

Saturday was the usual at the Phineas residense. Momma did a little baking and we played fetch. The weather conditions were excellent on the fetch field, but the spectator turnout was low. I had fun which is all that matters. 

Well, it’s time for this host to sign off for the evening. Good night and have a pleasant tomorrow! 


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