Oh the Horror!

Yesterday was my annual check up. NEED I SAY MORE! 

Well I don’t need to say more, but I will. 

Just me waiting to see the WCL’s

First, the ladies with the white jackets act all lovey dovey, giving you kisses and treats. Well, my canine friends, that is all a cover; a big cover for what is about to come.
Next, even my Momma acts all sweet. I betcha she knew what was gonna happen, too. I never would have guessed she’d be in on it too. Unbelievable!

So we were waiting for a little. I was watching other dogs coming out and they seemed calm and cool. Finally, a nice white coated lady called my name. It was my turn. I eagerly followed her into the little room. There I met my biggest fear of the moment, the exam table. 

Momma and the white coated lady (WCL we’ll call her) wanted me to lay on the blue covered thing close to the floor. Oh heck no! You can smear it with peanut butter; I’m not going on that thing. So the WCL magically raised the table and my oh so loving Momma(I thought she loved me) plopped me down. This, my furry friends, is when things went down hill.

The WCL was petting me, gave me another treat, and the she pulled it out. What, you ask? The evil stick thing she has to see how warm I am. Guess where this thing goes? Not on my forehead, or in my ear. Not even under my little pitties. The WCL had the nerve to try to put the stick up my butt, poopy hole, dumper what ever you want to call it. Well, I squirmed and whined and I WON! No stick will see the inside of this dogs pooper!

The fun didn’t stop there. Next there were evil evil evil needles. Yes, 3 to be exact. The first one they poked in my leg to get my blood. Why oh why! I put up a fight, but they one that battle. Next was my 2 vaccines, one on each side of my back. I guess they weren’t too bad. While all this was going on, my Momma kept saying I was ok, to stay cool, and it’s almost over. Well, she’s not the one getting poked and prodded. I just wanted to clobber her.  

The last thing I got was a vaccine to drink. That was easy peasy, y’all. 

When all that torture was over, I got more treats and loves from the WCL and Momma. I gave kisses like crazy. I guess I’ll forgive them.

All and all, in guess the WCL’s aren’t that bad. I mean, it hurts and feels funny, but man, the treats! The yummy treats and loves!



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