BarkBox Number 3

Hi all! This post is way pass due. Phin received another BarkBox way, way, waayyyyyyyyyy back in April. This one was a baseball theme.

phin barkbox 2
I really like getting boxes in the mail. I think every box should be for me.

Phin: So, Momma lets me try to open the box all by myself. I don’t feel right tearing it open, so she helps me a little.

phin barkbox 2 1
Here I am sniffing around for the bestest thing in the box.

Phin: Looks like I found it!

barkbox 2 4
this chew treat was da bomb!

Phin: Then I kept sniffing and found more goodies and toys! Yay me!

barkbox 2 3
oh my, I’m starting to drool!

Phin: Here is a picture of me with all my loot!

bark box 2 5
I am one lucky pup!

This BarkBox had baseball related items…the baseball hat, foam finger and even the cheese treats were shaped like baseballs!  There was a baseball card prop that you could hold up and try to get your pups face in the cutout. It was a cute idea, but Phineas didn’t like me holding it near his face.

I think I look good in a uniform!



Of course a BarkBox wouldn’t be complete without some artwork on the box!

barkbox 2 6
oh my, I never forget what I’m barking at. specially squirrels! WOOF!

So, I think this BarkBox is a home run! Phin liked most of the treats and toys, even though the toys were destroyed in a few days.  Both he and I are #1 fans of BarkBox.

barkbox 2 7
That’s me, BarkBox, your #1 fan. RUFF!

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