Nooooooo! Not Monday again!

After a very, very, very lazy weekend (we’re talking major maps Saturday and Sunday) Monday has unfortunately reared it’s ugly head. 

Sure Mom, I’ll nap with you.

This morning this little stinker was full of energy! The temps and humidity were fairly low compared to last week which helps.  He wasn’t too reluctant to walk either.  I think walking was an issue due to the possibility of hearing fireworks(It’s that wonderful time of the year)  I also think misses seeing Layla and her Dad Sam 😦

After our walk I let him run zoom around the yard. He went for his favorite ball and was tossing it around.

Me and my foot-ball!
Please please throw the ball!

He was having so much fun it was hard to get him inside. Not even 2 treats could lure him in. However, hearing the familiar pop of his food bin being opened got him trucking inside. 

He enjoyed his little snack and then I was off to work. Happy Monday!  Ughhhhh.


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