Sad Day

I’ve been away for a few days and found out that Phins girl friend was put to sleep on Friday.  She suddenly was showing symptoms on Wednesday and her xray results showed she had a mass in her abdomen. It was large enough that it pushed on her other organs and was causing her to vomit and have accidents.

It’s sad because just last week she was acting like a young pup trying to chase squirrels and play with Phin. She was about 12 years old young.


RIP Layla 😦


One thought on “Sad Day

  1. RIP Layla 😦

    As sad as it is, I personally think that’s one of the best ways to go – feeling fine and loving life to the end, and having very little time of suffering. My partner’s childhood dog was recently PTS for a similar reason; he suddenly began snubbing food (he was 3/4 Lab, so that was highly unusual!) and acting off, they took him to the vets and a lump was discovered. He was PTS and had just a few weeks of feeling poorly. It’s a horrible decision to make, but I do think for the dogs it can be a real blessing.


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