We’re still here

Wow,  have I been slacking! I guess the not-so-fun, novel length, brain cell consuming flea and tick entry  took all my energy. Phew.

I have 2 bark boxes to write about. Unfortunately the pictures are on my laptop and by the end of the day, I don’t feel like dealing with my computer. The cell phone is soooo much easier.

So to give y’all something to look at, here are some pics from Phins instagram page. 


Happy muttcrushmonday too! Have you hugged your mutt today?

I'm just resting my eyes. #dogsofinstagram, #amstafftorkie
Dearest shiney new Benebone, unlike Rose, I will never let go. ♡P
#dogsofinstagram #benebone
Me and my favorite lady friend ♡ #dogsofinstagram #amstafftorkie
Wishing for more bones this weekend! Paws crossed! #dogsofinstagram #luckydog #benebone #amstafftorkie
Doesn't matter how I got in here, just help me get out! #dogsofinstagram #amstafftorkie #bailmeout
Looking this good is so exhausting #dogsofinstagram #amstafftorkie @mybenebone #freebenebonefriday429
Don't let this innocent face fool you...i didn't behave today at daycare. Momma says I need to learn to share toys....whatev. #dogsofinstagram #amstafftorkie #spoiledonlydog

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