It’s That Time of the Month – From the Desk of Phineas

Yes! It’s Bark Box time! WOOF! I just got my latest box in the mail! This time I knew it was for me as my Mom doesn’t let me sniff all the boxes we get.

Me sniffin' my box!

I needed a little help opening the box so my Mom helped. Once it was open I was soooo happy! Each month there is a special theme. This month’s theme was the Lunar New Year!


I’ve never been to China, but now I want to go if I can get more of these goodies! Inside was a Waving Kitty toy. It is the only kitty I don’t bark and growl at. Also, there was a yummy chew stick, some treats and a fortune cookie toy. I promptly snagged the kitty and chewed off its feet.

Hello Kitty! Goodbye Kitty feet!
I'm still chewing off the feet!

After it’s feet were off, I chewed a hole and tried to remove the noisemaker. My Mom took it from me though. I guess I’ll have to try later.

Whoever sends me this box is pretty funny. They have silly cartoons inside that make my Mom LOL and I BOL!




I also learned that I am a horse even though I’m a dog. Yup, I’m confused too!


This was another great box! Can’t wait to see if I get more! WOOF!


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