Baby It’s Cold Outside

Brrrr. Today is a dog shirt and sweater day. Yes, 2 layers.  Phineas hates the wind and where we are it feels like 0° F. Again brrrrrrrrrrr.

Since Phin knew it was a yucky day, he lounged under the covers till 10:30.  I’ll admit I did too. So I was a little productive, I checked my emails at work. Then went back to snuggling.

When he got up I figured it was time to take him out before he got too antsy.  I’m sure glad I did. By the time I put on warmer clothes and got him dressed in his shirt and sweater , I’ll betcha dog biscuits 10 minutes went by.

We went out for a short walk. We didn’t see anyone else outside. Shocker!  We did, however, hear the bark from Phins gal pal, Layla. He sat by her driveway hoping she would come out to say hi. She didn’t, so we moved along.

We went home and I let Phineas run around the yard. We just got back to doing this since the snow piles along the fence have diminished. He had a good time playing with a stick he found.

Look Ma! A stick!
Here you can see my shirt and my sweater!
I shall pounce on you Mr. Stick!

After a few minutes he was standing funny, occasionally lifting a paw. His little paws were getting cold so he was ready to come inside. I took off his sweater, but left his very cool shirt on.

One of my fav shirts! WOOF!

He promptly sat on the sofa. I think he likes that spot for the view and for the heater below. Who can blame him.

What does your pup wear when it’s frigid out? Let us know!


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