Stir Crazy to Sleepy Boy

Phineas and I finally hopped in the car and traveled to the dog park! He finally got to run free! The snow piles at home are too close to the fence and since Phin is half mountain goat he climbs those piles to survey his land.  I have a feeling he may be tempted to chase a cat or squirrel, so he has been on the leash for the past week.  There are videos on Phins Facebook page, please take a look! phunphabphineas facebook page

After over 2 hours of playing we went home. I swear I heard snoring from the back seat 😉 Once we were home and he had dinner, it didn’t take long for him to make a comfy nest on the couch. Such a sleepy, sleepy boy. I ♡ him sooooo much!

Phineas, my #muttcrushmonday

Are you and your pets a little stir crazy in the winter? What do you do to tire them physically and mentally?


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