I’ve Got Mail! – From the Desk of Phineas

A few days ago my Mommy came home and was all excited about a box. She put the box on the floor and I sniffed it. It smelled kinda good, but I wasn’t sure what to do with it.

So, my human picked it up and started to open it up.


Inside the box is lined with paper that is decorated with the boxes theme.  This box has a New York City Theme.  I never been, but if they have fun toys and treats I’m in! WOOF!


I sniffed the box some more and it smelled even better than the first time! I moved some of the paper and boy oh boy there were some fun things in that box!


Inside my special box was a pretzel toy, a funny ball, and some treats.  The ball was my favorite. I even snuck it outside to throw around! WOOF!


My Mom kept calling my ball a lib-err-ty ball.  I’m not sure why.  After a day of playing with my new ball, I chewed off all the pointy things.  It still squeeks though. I love squeaky toys!

I didn’t get to try my new treats yet.  Mommy says I have plenty to eat in my treat container.  I guess I’ll have to wait. Maybe I should sneak more treats somehow.  If any of you on this web thing have advice on how I can get more treats, please let me know.  Just don’t accidently tell my Mom.  She may not be too happy.

I hope I get more of these box things soon! Do you get a box too? Let me know!

Lotsa liks!






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