Working for His Dinner

Today we had a wee little bit o snow.  Phin wasn’t really excited about white stuff so after a very brief walk we headed inside to warm up.

When it stopped snowing we geared up again and headed out.  After Phineas watered(I felt I had to clarify that detail) the sign post across the street, I changed out his regular leash for the 30′ lead we have. I brought along some kibble and his Chuckit!.  For those not sure what that is, here is a link.  It comes in different sizes. The longer the handle,  the farther the ball will go. It saves your arm from actually throwing balls the old fashioned way.  We’ve been trying to play fetch once a day and also throw in some training…mainly sit, come and place.  Phineas is a terrier mix so it is a tad tricky to keep him focused even with treats. 

Each day he gets a little better…sort of.  It is so cute to have him sit and then I walk away maybe 100′ or so. When I give him the command to come he hauls his little butt so fast and plops down by my side. I’m sure it’s because he loves me. Welllllll, maybe it’s for the treats.

Today he wasn’t really into fetch.  It is kinda chilly out so I can’t blame him.  On the way home I accidentally dropped the Chuckit.  To my surprise Phineas picked it up and carried it partway home! There’s one more thing we should work on, having him carry his toys to and fro.


Does your pup work and tote his toys outside or to the park? Is there snow where you live?  Fill us in!


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