Unwelcomed Guest

Before the sun was up this morning, Phineas emptied his bladder and was fed. All was good in our little world. I headed back to bed and Phineas followed. Too soon after he tucked himself in for a little snooze, he was up and out from under the blankets! I grumbled something and tried to get some more z’s while Phineas went into the kitchen. Soon a low grrrrr could be heard.

Soon enough the low grrrr escalated to a full bark. A repeating bark. I figured he was barking at a light or a neighbor outside. In the next few seconds I would find out that it wasn’t something outside but something inside the house. Much to my dismay I heard something between his ferocious barks and growls. It was a noise I’ve heard before outside. The oh so familiar loud, squeaky voice of a mouse. Oh. Joy.

I rolled out of bed to find Phineas. He was in the kitchen barking at the box which contained his precious new bag of dog food. The box was bulging a bit and when I looked inside there was a little mouse wedged between the box and the bag. As much as I love animals, this Mickey or Minnie had to go. Nothing shall mess with my pups food.

The dark oval in the middle is the intruder!

With Phineas sticking close by, I dragged the box to the door, opened the lid and bid farewell to our guest; our unwelcomed guest.

It is unknown when he or she set up camp in the box. The box was sitting outside for a few hours before I brought it in, so the mouse could have been inside the box the whole time. Either way I’m very grateful the dog food wasn’t damaged. I’m not sure if Petcos return policy is that good. Needless to say, the bag of food was promptly shoved into our plastic container where I’m hoping it is out of harms way.

Have you ever had your pets food consumed by cute furry rodents? If so, who was more upset, you or your pet?
Did the mouse live to tell the story to his buddies? Let us know!


2 thoughts on “Unwelcomed Guest

  1. When I lived at my parent’s house when I was younger (old cottage surrounded by countryside) they had quite a few issues with mice. I kept my rat / hamster treats in a cupboard under the sink in my bedroom, and one day I opened the tub to see that a mouse had chewed their way in, eaten almost all of the treats, then dragged in all sorts of odd bits to be used as bedding for a nest…a scrap of tinsel (?), a bus receipt from decades ago (?!?) and other bits I don’t remember… šŸ™‚


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