A Quiet New Years – From the Desk of Phineas


Happy New Year! WOOF!

My hooman has been hanging out in bed for over a day. She wipes her nose with these paper type things that are fun to shred.  She sounds funny when she talks too.  Since she’s in bed napping, I’m gonna nap too.

So we napped all night and missed seeing the ball drop. Not sure why that’s a big deal, I drop my ball all the time so my hooman will throw it for me. This morning she wished me a Happy New Year.  I’m not sure what’s new.  I didn’t receive a new toy, bone or ball so I’m not sure what she’s talking about. I just roll with it and let her pet me.

Later, she called my Nana and Pop-Pop to let them know we weren’t going to see them today. That’s too bad cause I love going to their house.  I could sniff and sniff their house all day. We stayed home, watched TV and ate French toast (well, not me).

Overall, we had a quiet and snuggly New Year, even if there is nothing new to play with. How did you celebrate the New Year?


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