Pet Store!

Woof! Phineas here! My hooman fell asleep while watching the big square that talks.  I do too, sometimes. So I took her toy she is always pawing at so I could talk about our trip to one of my favorite stores.

After my mom said the word bath she got her coat on, put my harness and leash on, and we hopped in the car. Once we got to the store I was so excited. Usually I get treats at the store and sniff all the things I can. I even try to sneak a toy, but my mom always stops me.

Well, sadly for me, the first thing that happened was my bath. Oh do I hate those things. Grrrrrrrrrr.  I even tried to back out if the sink. My mom brought my favorite treat, though, peanut butter.  The treat kind of improved the horrible bath experience. 

After the bath, the fun began. We looked at toys. My mom even said Santa Claus might bring me one toy I really liked. I sniffed the treats, got lots of loving from the people who were there. One lady even knew my name!

Then we went to the boring section with lots of bottles and stuff.  My hooman picked out a bottle. She told me it will keep my teef sparkling clean. It should keep my skin and fur nice too.

Me checking out this new bottle of stufff

Next was the best part! My mom goes to the counter to get the stuff. For all you dogs out there, this is when you should look and act your best. Ya see, the person behind the counter has treats. If you sit really well, you might even get a few treats. I got lots of Zukes treats from the lady at the counter and a mail lady. I think she was hoping I would stop barking at her.

When my things were put in a bag we were ready to go. I was even dry from my bath. 

Once we were home I got to try the stuff for my teef. It was in my water and amazingly my water tasted yummy.  I hope it keeps my breath smelling good so my mom will keep letting me lick her face!  WOOF!

Well good night! Sweet doggie dreams!


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