Phineas and his visual foodometer

This morning Phin was up bright and early. He immediately  started to chew on things he shouldn’t.  He was a little whiney so I decided to give him a snack…just about half his breakfast.

I mosey over to his food container, scoop some food, place it in his bowl, and set the bowl down. Like the good boy he is (insert eye roll)he was already sitting. After telling him he can eat, he eagerly approaches his bowl. Then he sits down and gazes at me with his sweet, brown puppy eyes. Again I tell him he can eat. He just sits there. Since the third times a charm, again, I told him he can eat. After giving me an “I guess so, anything is better than nothing” look, he began to eat.

My little stinker was hoping for more food in his bowl! Sorry bud,  not at 4 am. 

I guess he has a foodometer to tell him that his food level is below normal, or what is acceptable in his mind. Sigh.


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