Rain, Rain go away

This weekend it’s supposed to rain, and rain, and rain some more.  With Phineas being a pretty active dog, I had to think of something for him to do so he doesn’t drive me too crazy.

First thing I did was take a rubber toy, put it in a plastic container and freeze it. Hopefully by tonight it will be frozen  solid. When he starts chewing on something he shouldn’t I’ll put the frozen toy in a bowl and hope he’s interested in rescuing his trapped toy.

Another doggy activity to try is to take a larger ball with holes in it and fill it with unstuffed toys(or fabric)and treats. Your dog then has to pull out the toys/fabric to get to the treats.  We just did this and in 5 minutes he was done.  Guess we’ll be trying it later and really shoving alot of old toys and fabric in the ball to make it harder for him.

Phineas trying to get his unstuffed toys and treats out of the ball

One more thing I’ll be doing is feeding him with a treat dispensing toy. I may even spread his meal out so more than one toy is used.  Right now we have 2 medium kongs, a bowling pin shaped Kong and cube. The cube takes the longest to get the food out, but is also tricky to clean and dry. I’ll hide the toys as well so he has to find them.

If all else fails today, there is always peanut butter! I can put a little on or in any toy and he is happy for 30 minutes or more.

What do you do for your dog on rainy days?


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