Early Bir…Errr…Dog

So. This morning my favorite dog was ready to go at 4:23. Really. He had to go out. He even rang his bell by the door. Twice.

After a few groans and stretches I rolled myself out of bed, strapped on his harness and leash, stuck my feet in flip flops, and out the door we went. After a small chase with a cat he did his business and we were back inside.

After giving him part of his breakfast in his Kong (my secret way to try to tire him)I crawled back in bed.  He hopped up for a little and soon enough he was making mischief. Chewing on the mattress corner, chewing on the rug, and getting into the trash. So at 4:50 I put peanut butter in a bone and into his crate he went.

For 1 hour he was quiet and I got some shut eye. Then the dramatic whining started. I really need to record this sometime.  He has quite a vocal range, so I usually can’t help but to laugh at the noises he makes.

So around 6 I get him out of his crate and we start the day.

What I enjoyed most was waking him up at 8 to go in his crate.  He groaned a little too.


Any advise on how to keep your dog occupied while you sleep try to sleep?


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