The Dog Days of Summer

Here in Pennsylvania the mercury is rising along with the humidity.  For a southerner, Phineas is not a fan of  the heat.

To help him out a little bit I freeze a bone or Kong filled with peanut butter, apple sauce and bits of fruit if some is handy.  I know he enjoys my homemade treat when he runs to the freezer door as soon as it’s opened. This cool treat works double duty as it takes him awhile to consume. While he is occupied with the bone or Kong, I can get work and chores done around the house or sneak off for a walk.


A not so fun part of this warmer weather are the bugs that come with it.  I do not want to pull ticks off of Phineas so I do treat him with Frontline Plus.  There are other ways to prevent ticks and fleas, including natural sprays and special collars.

As a new dog owner, I really need to pay attention to this last item. Most times I am wearing shoes when I walk Phineas.  He does not.  Remember to pay attention to how hot the pavement or sand is. If your feet or hands can’t tolerate the hot surface, most likely your pups paws can’t either.

What do you do to help your pup stay cool and comfortable in the summer?


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