From the Desk of Phineas- These are a Few of My Favorite Things

  • Hi there! Phineas here. WOOF!

So, when I arrived at my new home, there were some cool things for me. A comfy bed, toys,  food and my least favorite,  grooming supplies. Today I’m going to show you my favs.

My mommy loves the I’ve never been there. She goes there and then boxes with my stuff show up at the door. Sometimes the evil, loud brown truck delivers them. We go in the car to buildings with lots of toys, treats, and food as well.


First up is my bed. This is what it looked like before I unstuffed it. In the beginning it had a built in pillow the whole way around! After a while it seemed like a good idea to pull out the soft stuff inside. So yes, I did just that. Now it is flat, but I don’t care.

Next up is something very important. After all, it’s a vessel for my tasty food! WOOF! My mommy picked this bowl so I would savor my delicious kibble.

This next item is the best! It combines two of my favorite activities…1. Eating and 2. Playing. WOOF WOOF! This ball holds my food inside. Then I would try and try with my nose and front feet to roll the ball so the  food comes out. It is a super sturdy ball, too. It still works even though I am not very gentle with it.

My last review is for the best toy and companion ever. Mr. Bill is fun to play with and he’ll even talk back if you squeeze him. I loved him a bit too much. He is unstuffed and his voice is broken. I would love to get him fixed someday. He was my favorite toy! WOOF!

What are your favorite things?


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